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  • Police Recruit Constable applications now being accepted

    Recruit Police Constable

    The Owen Sound Police Service is recruiting for the position of Police Constable. Applications from non-experienced applicants are currently being accepted.

    All applicants must meet the minimum qualifications for a police officer as identified in the Ontario Police Services Act. In addition, candidates must possess a valid Ontario driver’s licence (Class G or higher) and have no criminal convictions. Being certified in standard First Aid and CPR (Level “C”) is preferable.  

    Applicants must have completed phase 1 of the OACP Constable Selection System.  More information on this process can be found at   Accommodations for applicants with disabilities are available upon request, in relation to materials or processes to be used throughout the hiring process.

    The successful candidate will be subject to a comprehensive background check as well as physical and psychological assessments.


Texting & Driving

Distracted driving is considered to be one of the leading causes of collisions on our roadways and research shows you are four times more likely to be involved in a collision if you are using a cell phone.  That number jumps sharply when a driver is involved in texting and driving.  A texting distracted driver is 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision or a near collision.

Using a cell phone while driving can carry a fine of $400.00 plus a victim surcharge and court fee of $90.00 for a total of nearly $500.00.

Rules on communication and entertainment devices refer to section 78.1 HTA LEARN MORE  

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