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  • Information for Visitors to the Owen Sound Police Station - Until Further Notice

    If you feel ill or have any symptoms of a respiratory virus, we are asking visitors to please avoid coming to our police station until you feel better.

    If you have an emergency, please dial 9-1-1. It is an emergency if someone’s immediate health, safety, or property is in immediate danger or there is a crime in progress.
    For non-emergencies, dial 519-376-1234 or use our on-line reporting system-
    To use our on-line system please make sure:


    • This is NOT an Emergency
    • This incident occurred within the Owen Sound City limits?
    • There are No Known suspects?
    • You have a valid email address?


Seatbelt Use

Seatbelt use has been documented to reduce the risk of serious injury and death. Transport Canada reports that while 93 per cent of Canadians buckle up, the seven per cent who don’t account for almost 40 per cent of fatalities in vehicle collisions. Seatbelts save about 1,000 lives a year in Canada. More lives could be saved if everyone buckled up for every trip.



Seat belt law for Novice drivers.

 Refer to sections 5 and 6- LEARN MORE



Seat belt law for G class drivers.  

Refer to section 106 - LEARN MORE



Seat belt law for infants, toddlers and children.  

Refer to section 8 - LEARN MORE