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Internet Security Tips

  1. NEVER share your passwords and select a complex password of letters, numbers and symbols.
  2. Beware of internet promotions that ask for personal information. Identity thieves may use false offers to get you to give them your information.
  3. After completing any type of financial transaction online, make sure you sign out of the website and clear you internet file/cache.
  4. Before giving your credit card number or other financial information to a business, make sure that their website is protected and secured. Look for a lock symbol located somewhere on the browser or make sure the URL begins with https://.
  5. A lot of people use FaceBook and other social media accounts.  Identity thieves can take simple information such as your birth date and pets names as clues to common passwords and steal your identity.  Make sure to keep you privacy settings set high when using social media accounts.
  6. Install anti-virus, fire-wall, anti-spyware and keep it up to date.