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Stranger Awareness

As parents, you must teach your children how to handle specific situations that they may encounter. It is important that children understand the importance of being careful and how to deal with people they do not know.

Basic Safety Tips:

  • Never approach a stranger and be wary of strangers who are overly friendly or show an unusual interest in you. The gift lure is common amongst abductors. Children must be taught that strangers do not normally hand out gifts or money to people.
  • Avoid secluded areas, alleys, schools and businesses after they are closed and empty lots that could potentially be dangerous
  • Never enter a stranger’s vehicle, and don’t engage in conversation with a stranger who is walking or driving a vehicle. Stay a safe distance away from them and continue walking while monitoring their actions
  • If approached, try to remember details about the stranger such as their description, associated vehicle or licence plate and call police or 911 for assistance if needed
  • If confronted physically by a stranger, scream loudly to draw attention to yourself and do whatever is needed to try to escape
  • Practice and use the password system – Provide your child with a secret password and instruct them never to go with a stranger, anywhere, unless that person provides them with the password. This will ensure the stranger has permission to pick up the child
  • Encourage children to walk with friends, never alone, and make sure they know the safest routes to take
  • Teach children that if someone asks them to keep a secret they are not comfortable with, it is alright to tell their parents
  • Never leave children alone in a public place, including in a vehicle, and always accompany them to public washrooms