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School Bus Safety

Many students rely on a school bus to transport them safely to and from school. A school bus is one of the safest ways to travel, however injuries can occur and are often when children are getting on or off the bus. Student misbehaviour creates the most danger to passenger safety.

Follow these safety tips to ensure a safe ride:

  • Leave yourself enough time to arrive at the bus stop on time so you aren’t rushing, and set a good example for others while waiting for the bus
  • Wait in a safe place, standing back from the roadway
  • Line up in single file, don’t crowd others, and board the bus in an orderly manner being careful not to push or shove anyone to get on quicker
  • Be courteous to your bus driver, take your seat promptly and do not stand in the aisles
  • Remain in your seat while the bus is in motion, keep your arms and head inside the windows, and ensure backpacks are held or placed under the seat to prevent them from falling in the event of sudden stopping
  • Listen to the bus driver’s instructions at all times and don’t distract them while they are driving by talking, yelling or playing boisterously with other riders
  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop and exit the bus in the same single-file, orderly manner that you boarded it
  • Be alert for traffic and NEVER depend on traffic to stop
  • Never cross in the bus driver’s blind spot, which is right in front of the bus. Instead, walk ten steps ahead of the bus along the edge of the road, wait for the driver’s signal, confirm yourself that it is safe to cross, and walk quickly across the road
  • Ensure you know where the emergency exits on the bus are, and that you are familiar with the plan if an emergency occurs