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Phone & Door Scams

Phone and door-to- door scams are also very common. Someone will call or come to your door pretending to be a representative of a charity, an employee of a credit card company, or even a distant relative. You might be offered a free prize or trip.

If you aren't completely sure who you are dealing with, do not give the person any money or information and do not sign any documents.

Sometimes people call or come to your door using high-pressure sales tactics to get you to buy something you don't want or need, or to talk you into getting work done on your house and then overcharging you or doing a bad job. While this is not always illegal, it is wrong and should be reported. Do not allow people into your home that you do not know. Obtain a business card and tell them you will call them later if interested. Research the company on-line before making any decision.

For more information about frauds, refer to our Fraud section.

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