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Halloween Safety

Halloween is a time for fun and treats, but it is also a time for children and parents to be careful and put safety first. To ensure everyone has a SPOOKTACULAR Halloween night, be sure to follow these tips:


  • Ensure costumes fit properly – they should not be too tight or restrictive and if they are too loose or long, your child can trip or get caught in branches or on other obstacles
  • Wear light coloured clothing
  • Wear makeup instead of a mask when possible. If a mask must be worn, ensure the eye, nose and mouth openings are large enough so as not to impede vision, hearing or breathing
  • Carry a flashlight, apply reflective tape, or wear a reflective vest over your costume to make yourself easier for vehicles to see
  • Trick or Treat bags should be sturdy to prevent them from breaking and dropping all of your treats in the middle of the roadway


  • Young children should always be accompanied by an adult, and older children should travel in groups, never alone
  • Never go anywhere with strangers, or someone you don’t know very well, unless your parents give you permission
  • Walk on the sidewalk and stay off lawns and roadways. If there are no sidewalks then walk facing traffic.
  • Stay on one side of the street at a time, cross only at corners, and avoid zigzagging across the road
  • Stay in well-lit areas and avoid approaching homes that are in complete darkness
  • Never enter the home of a stranger - always remain at the door
  • Do not eat any treats until they have been carefully inspected by your parents


  • Know the route that your children will take, and ensure it is rehearsed with them
  • Ensure your child knows which homes in the area are those of family and friends, so they can go there for help if needed
  • Set a time for your children to be home by, and ensure they have a way to get a hold of you if needed
  • Provide your children with a snack before they head out so they are less likely to eat their candy on the way
  • Carefully inspect all of your children’s treats to ensure they are safe before eating