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Bullying: You are Not Alone

Bullying can be in a variety of forms – Physical, Verbal, Social and Cyber. All of them can affect someone’s long term health and well being, but together it can be stopped. It is not the problem of one individual person, it is everyone’s problem. When we work together we can stop bullying in our schools and community.

If you see someone being bullied, don’t be a bystander and allow it to happen. When someone intervenes, the bullying usually stops very quickly.

Remember that if you are being bullied, you do not have to deal with the situation alone.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Tell! Talk about it with a teacher, your parents, an adult you trust. Some schools have anti-bullying programs that can help you.
  • Keep a list or diary of what is happening to you.
  • Ask your parents to visit the school and talk to your teacher about making it stop.
  • Don’t join in and be a bully too.
  • Don’t get into a fight with the bully.

There are also plenty of great online resources available to assist in battling this issue.