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Stranger Danger
Predators are Lurking & Your Children Need to Recognize Luring


People walking in a crowd

Personal Awareness

Raise your awareness to potential dangers by following these guidelines:

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teen using facebook on a laptop

Internet Luring, Dangers & Scams

A lurker in internet culture is usually part of an online community who observes but doesn’t participate....

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Protect your Property

Crime Prevention

It's up to all of us

Protect your Children

Internet Safety

To ensure you and your family are safe when using the Internet

Helping Teens in Trouble

Know the Signs of Teen Suicide

Many who are suicidal feel that it is the only way to escape their pain or suffering

Seniors Support

Elder Abuse

Any act or lack of action, within a relationship where there is an expectation of trust, that harms a senior and causes them distress or risks their health or welfare