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Back to School Traffic Safety

On Tuesday, September 5th students across Ontario will be headed back to school. The Owen Sound Police Service is reminding motorists that the streets and sidewalks will once again be busy with students travelling to and from school.

Students may not always be focusing on traffic safety and motorists are encouraged to slow down and be extra cautious.

Drivers are also reminded that school buses and crossing guards will be back on our roadways. Remain alert and be prepared to make unanticipated stops.  Failing to stop for a crossing guard displaying a portable stop sign carries a fine of $180.00 and three demerit points. Passing a school bus with red lights activated carries a fine of $490.00 and six demerit points.

There are also several crosswalks located in the City of Owen Sound. Drivers are to yield to pedestrians using the crosswalks. Failing to do so may result in a $150.00 fine and three demerit points.

In the coming weeks, the Owen Sound Police Service will be focusing their traffic safety efforts on enforcement and education in school zones. This will include speeding, aggressive driving as well as distracted driving. The use of cell phones and other hand-held electronic devices while driving is a cause of serious collisions. Put down your phone while driving. Distracted driving puts lives, including your own, at risk.

Owen Sound police will also be monitoring parking in the area of schools. Parking in prohibited areas around school zones can create safety hazards by impeding bus drop-off areas and limiting driver and pedestrian visibility at school crossings.